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Lossless vs Lossy Compression for Digitized Photos

When it comes to digital photos, lossless and lossy compression techniques are used to reduce the file size while keeping the quality as close to the original as possible. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages and it’s important to choose the right type of compression for your images.

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Say Cheese! The Importance of Digitizing Old Photos

Old photos are like time capsules, capturing moments we never want to forget. Unfortunately, these precious memories can deteriorate, leaving us with faded, cracked, or yellowed pictures. That’s why digitizing old photos is crucial to preserve them for future generations.

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Preserving Old Family Photos: A Joyful Journey

Old family photos are more than images. They are a way of preserving memories and cherishing the past. Preserving old family photos is a joyful journey that can bring peace of mind and appreciation for the moments we have shared with our loved ones. Old family photos are more than images. They are a way of preserving memories and cherishing the past.

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Unleash Your Family’s Legacy with WordPress

Do you know that WordPress is not just for creating websites or blogs? It can also preserve your family legacy for generations to come! With WordPress, you can create a digital archive of your family’s history, including photos, videos, documents, and stories. This article will show you how to unleash the power of WordPress for your family legacy.

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TNG/WordPress Plugins

I am pleased to make available two plugins for TNG-WordPress integrations. One is a plugin I developed that provides useful user functions, including single-sign-on logins, registration forms, and a front-end profile. The other is a reworked TNG Widgets plugin that now works as a standalone plugin for integrations.

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The Kloosterman Integration

The integration method detailed here really isn’t an integration at all. Essentially, you are “wrapping” the WordPress theme around the TNG content. It is really very easy to set up. This same information can be found on Cees Kloosterman’s site, but I know that many people now come here for instructions, so I also decided to include his here.

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Enhance This!

I am beginning a new project that works in conjunction with TNG-WordPress integrations. The person I am doing this for currently has a highly customized registration process that requires new users to identify their relationship to the Tree. There’s a lot more to it for his project, but I was immediately intrigued because I asked for a much more simplified level of relationship for my own website.

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How to Integrate WordPress with TNG

I was asked by someone who viewed my posts in the TNG forums if I could do an integration for her and then provide step-by-step instructions that were “simpler” than the ones provided on the TNG Wiki. I did the integration and then decided to set up a demo site to demonstrate some of the possibilities for customizing your setup.

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